About Backyard Nature Explorers

Where to start? Well, my name is Tasha and I am the mother of a wonderful nature loving daughter. I myself have always loved nature, but it wasn’t until my daughter came around that I actually learned an even deeper love and respect for all things nature. From day one my daughter was in awe of anything to do with nature, birds and ants especially. As she grew and started learning more about nature, little did I know that I was learning too. Not so much say the facts, but I grew to have a deeper understanding of the importance of nature, and how much it can help and does help us in our lives.

Anyways, my daughter who is in her teens now wanted to learn all she could about any and everything nature. So, we would get all kinds of books from the library. She just couldn’t get enough. I actually call her my Walking Nature Encyclopedia. She just has always been able to retain any info she learned about nature. I remember when she was little and we didn’t know what something was or any info about a particular animal or plant that she would not take me saying I don’t know or I’m not sure. We had to research and find out what we could about it. Now, she does most of the research herself and has her own nature library of books that she uses and if she can’t find what she is looking for in the books she resorts the the internet as a last resort.

We have always been fortunate enough to live surrounded by nature and we discover so many wonderful things when we walk around our yard. That is where our name came from Backyard Nature Explorers. So I thought it would be a great idea to share our discoveries with you. But also in doing so it will create a kind of journal for us to be able to go back and look at. I hope you enjoy our discoveries as much as we did!

And don’t forget to Get Outside and Explore! There are so many wonderful things to discover. You don’t have to have a backyard to explore. We actually consider our backyard however far we are willing to travel to explore. For us, we consider a 2-hour drive still our backyard. You can find nature everywhere.

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